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Abstract #4158

Lymph Node Volume and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient as a Biomarker for Metastatic Invasion in an Experimental Model

Wenche Margrethe Klerkx1, Albert Geldof2, Fredy Visser, Taro Takahara, Peter Luijten, Peter Heintz, Willem Mali, Wouter Veldhuis


1University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Urology, Free University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Detection of lymph node metastases is one of the most challenging fields in oncologic MR imaging. A straightforward and reproducible model for lymph node metastasis was developed in Copenhagen rats. MR imaging was performed every 3 days for 14 days after tumour cell implantation to assess lymph node growth and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) changes over time. ADC of metastatic lymph nodes decreased simultaneously with increasing volume, suggesting ADC might be a biomarker predicting tumour implantation and lymph node growth.