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Abstract #4161

MR Characterization of Two Experimental Models of Ovarian Cancer: Metabolite Quantification and Diffusion and Perfusion Assessment

Rossella Canese1, Maria Elena Pisanu1, Alessandro Ricci1, Luisa Paris1, Carmela Rozera1, Massimo Spada1, Albino Cesolini1, Massimo Venditti1, Massimo Giannini1, Filippo Belardelli1, Egidio Iorio1, Franca Podo1

1Istituto Superiore di Sanit, Roma, Italy

Ovary cancer is the gynaecological malignancy at highest death rate. MRI combined with MRS has demonstrated its usefulness in tumour diagnosis, prognosis and treatment evaluation. In this work two models of human ovarian carcinoma were implemented and characterised by quantitative MRS and ADC measurements: 1) sc implantation in the dorsum and 2) ip implantation in the peritoneum of SKOV3ip cells in SCID mice. Both ortho and heterotopic ovarian cancer models gave reasonable values for tCho and Ino concentration as well as for ADCs and perfusion fractions and can represent valuable tools in the evaluation of new therapies.