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Abstract #4184

Evaluation of STIR-HASTE Whole Body MRI for the Initial Staging of Paediatric Lymphoma: A Correlation with PET/CT

Shonit Punwani1, Steve Bandula2, Vineet Prakash2, Alan Bainbridge2, Enrico De Vita1,2, Nicola Stevens2, Stuart Taylor1,2, Sharon Hain2, Stephen Daw2, Ananth Shankar2, Paul Humphries2

1University College London, London, UK; 2University College London Hospital, London, UK

Staging of childhood lymphoma uses serial PET/CT and chest CT examinations which deliver a high radiation burden to the patient. Whole body MRI using turbo spin echo images can be performed within 20-25 minutes and may provide a non-ionising method of disease evaluation. This study evaluates STIR-HASTE MRI against an 'enhanced' PET/CT standard for the initial staging of paediatric lymphoma.