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Abstract #4195

Multifunctional Microspheres with an Ultrahigh Holmium Load for Imaging and Therapy

Wouter Bult1, Peter Roland Seevinck2, Gerard C. Krijger3, Chris J.G. Bakker2, Wim E. Hennink4, Alfred D. van het Schip, Johannes Frank Nijsen5

1Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Imaging Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht, Netherlands; 3Reactor Institute Delft, TU Delft; 4Department of Pharmaceutics, Utrecht University, Netherlands; 5Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

Holmium loaded particles with an ultrahigh holmium load were developed. These particles were characterized chemically and the multimodality imaging behavior of the particles was investigated, both in vitro as well as ex vivo. The particle size was easily adapted, and therefore the particles are not only very suitable for radioablation of tumors, but also as a contrast agent for visualisation of tumors. Therefore we conclude that we have developed a versatile particle for both imaging and therapy.