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Abstract #4204

Acute Vascular and Non-Vascular Enhanced MRI Measurements Made in C6 Tumour Xenografts Before and After MLN0518, a Potent PDGFRβ Inhibitor, Treatment.

Daniel Philip Bradley1, Jennifer Terkelsen, Donna Cvet, Barbara Hibner, Kristine Burke, Matthew D. Silva

1Imaging Sciences, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, Cambridge, MA, USA

In this study, single slice T1, T2, ADC and DCE-MRI were performed in established C6 glial s.c. xenograft tumours before and 72 hours after MLN0518 treatment (20mg/kg s.c. BID). Complimentary exvivo microCT was performed to explore vessel architecture. A significant decrease in iAU[Gd]C is reported after MLN0518 treatment compared to vehicle. Preliminary changes are observed in the vascular phenotype after MLN0518 treatment. No change in T2 or ADC was found. The present in vivo results support a haemodynamic change during acute dosing of MLN0518 in this preclinical model.