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Abstract #4234

Measuring Water T2 and Water:fat Signal Ratios with MR Spectroscopy (TEA-PRESS) and Chemical Shift Imaging (IDEAL): Preliminary Results in Phantoms and Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Patients

David John Manton1, Gary Paul Liney1, Peter Gibbs1, Martin Lowry1, Martin Darren Pickles1, Lindsay W. Turnbull1

1YCR Centre for MR Investigations, Hull, East Yorkshire, UK

Water and fat T2s, and water content (water signal / sum of water and fat signals) were measured in nine breast cancer patients prior to neoadjuvant chemotherapy using MR spectroscopy (TEA-PRESS) and chemical shift MRI (IDEAL). IDEAL, with greater spatial resolution, detected legion heterogeneity, but its T2 values were systematically higher than the TEA-PRESS values by a factor of 1.69. IDEAL water content values appeared to be overestimated for low values (<60%) and underestimated for higher values (>80%). Investigations are underway to determine the underlying reasons for these errors which should permit a thorough, theoretical correction of the data.