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Abstract #4233

Microperfusion-Induced Elevation of ADC Is Suppressed After Contrast in Breast Carcinoma

Sachiko Yuen1, Mariko Goto1, Kei Yamada1, Akiko Takahata1, Kaori Nishida1, Tsunehiko Nishimura1

1Radiology, Graduate School of Medical Science, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

Post-contrast ADC exhibited a significant lower value (-23%, p=0.01) than pre-contrast ADC in breast carcinoma, which is thought to reflect the suppression of the microperfusion-induced effect on DWI. When early post-contrast images were used as a surrogate marker of tumor aggressiveness, we found a significant inverse correlation with the post-contrast ADC ( = -0.57, p=0.02). Post-contrast ADC may be a better indicator to reflect the aggressiveness of tumors.