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Abstract #4254

Accuracy of MRI/3D-MRSI Based TRUS-Biopsy in Peripheral Zone (PZ) and Transition Zone (TZ) of Prostate Gland in Patients Suspected for Cancer with Prior Negative Biopsy

Claudia Testa1, Raffaele Lodi1, Caterina Tonon1, Riccardo Schiavina1, Giuseppe Martorana1, Alessandro Franceschelli1, Antonietta Derrico1, Romeo Canini1, Bruno Barbiroli1

1University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Transrectal ultrasound biopsy (TRUS-biopsy) was performed on regions with abnormal MRI and/or 3D-MRSI for both transition (TZ) and peripheral (PZ) zones in patients suspected for prostate cancer with prior negative biopsy. Successively the relationship between 3D-MRSI and histopathological findings was analyzed. Detection rate of cancer was 40.7%; accuracy of the combination of 3D-MRSI and MRI was 0.768 for PZ and 0.822 for TZ. Flogosis remains the main cause of 3D-MRSI false positive findings (28.8%) while benign prostatic hyperplasia and post inflammatory atrophy resulted substantially negative for 3D-MRSI (2.7% and 5.1% false positive findings respectively).