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Abstract #4271

High-Resolution MRS Via Intermolecular Double-Quantum Coherences in Fields Inhomogeneous in Both B0 and B1

Yanqin Lin1,2, Congbo Cai1, Shuhui Cai1, Zhong Chen3, Jianhui Zhong2

1Physics Department, Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian, China; 2Imaging Sciences, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA; 3Physics Department, Xiamen University, Xiamen , Fujian, China

Inhomogeneous B0 and B1 fields are inevitable under some circumstances, and are obstacles for high-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). Here we show that the effects of inhomogeneous B0 and B1 fields can be almost completely removed via detection of intermolecular double-quantum coherences, while retaining the high-resolution information of chemical shifts, multiplet patterns, J coupling constants and relative peak areas.