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Abstract #4305

NAFLD Metabolic Signatures by HR-MAS Molecular Profiling

Jose Manuel Morales1, Juan del Olmo2, Jose Manuel Rodrigo2, Bernardo Celda1,3, Daniel Monleon4

1Universidad de Valencia; 2Hospital Clinico Universitario Valencia; 3CIBER-BBN; 4Fundacion Investigacion Hospital Clinico Universitario Valencia, Valencia, Spain

The liver plays a critical role in fat storage and retrieval. NAFLD is associated with an increase in lipogenesis and a decrease in the ability of the liver to export lipids. Global molecular profiles may reflect the presence of a particular disease state. In this study, we show that metabolites closely related to the liver metabolism like lipids and amino acids display differences between tissue from fatty liver with and without inflammation. This study shows that steatosis and steatohepatitis produce metabolic alterations identifiable by HRMAS spectroscopy. Our results may be the basis for using HRMAS of liver biopsies as support for tissue classification.