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Abstract #4330

Measurements of IMCL in Tibialis Anterior in Normal and Ob/ob Mice Using a Cryogenic Surface Coil at 9.4 T

Qiong Ye1, Christof Baltes1, Thomas Mueggler1, Markus Rudin1,2

1D-ITET, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Zrich, Switzerland; 2Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology, Zrich, Switzerland

The non-invasive investigation of intromyocellular lipid (IMCL) with proton MR spectroscopy (1H MRS) in humans and rodents has been studied widely. In this work, the reproducibility of single voxel 1H MRS to detect IMCL levels in the tibialis anterior (TA) muscle in mice under different feeding conditions and model lines is evaluated using a cryogenic transceiver RF coil. From the results, both diet conditions and model lines have effect on IMCL levels. This study achieves high quality spectra obtained from volumes of 3.2mm3 and less with reliable reproducibility.