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Abstract #4336

Quantitative Magic Angle Spinning Detection of Deuteration in Small Biopsies of Rat Brain

Maria Rosa Fayos Carrio1, Valeria Righi2, Adele Mucci2, Luisa Schenetti2, Sebastin Cerdn1

1IIB, CSIC, Madrid, Spain; 2Universit di Modena, Italy

Deuterium turnover experiments of 13C labelled metabolites provide a novel tool to investigate metabolite turnover under the faster timescale conditions of hydrogen-deuterium exchange. An important magnitude is the fractional deuteration of specific hydrogen positions of the 13C labelled isotopomers. To this end, relatively large tissue biopsies were previously needed to prepare the extracts required for the High Resolution 13C, 1H or 2H NMR analysis. In this report we describe a variety of 1D (1H, 2H) and 2D (1H-2H, 1H-13C) methods allowing the determination of fractional metabolite deuteration in specific proton sites using 1H, 2H and 13C HR MAS spectroscopy.