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Abstract #4337

A Comparison Between Simulated and Experimental Basis Sets for the Analysis of Short-Echo In-Vivo MRS Data at 1.5T

Martin Wilson1,2, Nigel P. Davies1,2, Yu Sun2,3, Kal Natarajan2, Theo N. Arvanitis2,3, Andrew C. Peet1,2

1Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; 2Oncology, Birmingham Childrens Hospital Foundation Trust, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK; 3School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

The use of a simulated basis set for the analysis of 1H short-echo MRS data offers a number of advantages over an experimental basis set. One main advantage is that simulated basis sets can be easily regenerated for a particular echo-time or field strength without requiring hours of scanner time. In this study a comparison is performed between the metabolite quantities estimated by LCModel using simulated and experimental basis. A good correlation is seen between both methods suggesting that little bias is introduced by using a simulated basis set.