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Abstract #4349

Simulation of Wave Fields Observed in Brain MR Elastography by 3D Finite Element Analysis

Uwe Hamhaber1, Dieter Klatt2, Sebastian Papazoglou2, Ingolf Sack2, Jrgen Braun1

1Institute of Medical Informatics, Charit - Universittsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 2Department of Radiology, Charit - Universittsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Data reported for the shear modulus of brain tissue determined using MR elastography varies substantially. Among other reasons these variations may caused by the not yet fully understood mechanisms which are responsible for the transfer externally forced head vibrations into propagating shear waves inside the brain. For this reason two different mechanical excitation modes which are commonly applied to generate mechanical shear waves inside the brain tissue were simulated by a 3D finite element analysis. Results show a good overall agreement between simulated and measured wave field patterns.