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Abstract #4381

1,4-13C2 Malate Reports on Ischemia Related Reperfusion Injury, After Administration of Hyperpolarized 1,4-13C2 Fumarate in Mouse Skeletal Muscle in Vivo

Pernille Rose Jensen1, Rene in 't Zandt1, Magnus Karlsson1, Anna Gisselsson1, Georg Hansson1, Mathilde Hauge Lerche1

1Imagnia AB, Malm, Sweden

Hyperpolarized 1-13C pyruvate has been used to visualize that the PDH flux is affected in the stunned myocardium in vivo and in vitro. Where metabolism of hyperpolarized pyruvate reports on ischemia related injury in the heart we have found that another metabolic marker, hyperpolarized 1,4-13C2 fumarate may be responsive on longer time scales and report on reperfusion injury. Hyperpolarized 1,4-13C2 fumarate was studied in an ischemic model in the resting mouse hind leg skeletal muscle and show the possible complementary value to pyruvate in reperfusion injury after an ischemic insult.