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Abstract #4413

Computer Simulation and Temperature Measurement for MR Hyperthermia Therapy Using Coaxial-Slot Antenna

Tae Hyung Kim1, Kee Chin Tan1, Song I. Chun1, Ki Sueng Choi1, Yong Hee Han1, Chi Woong Mun1

1Biomedical engneering, Inje Univ., Gimhae, Kyungnam, Korea

Hyperthemia therapy combined with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has several advantages for the treatment of small tumor. High Frequency Ultra Sound (HIFU) method has been commonly used for heating source. HIFU method, however, has some drawbacks. For this, coaxial-slot antenna driven by 2.45GHz -wave was proposed. The coaxial-slot antenna was designed by computer simulation. To optimize the design of antenna, reflection parameter(S11) and SAR distribution in muscle model at the center frequency, 2.45, were analyzed using HFSS s/w. The temperature was measured to test heating performances of hand-made coaxial-slot antenna based on the distance from the heating point and power using agarose gel phantom. The SAR distribution has similar trends on both computer simulation and temperature measurement experiment. In this study suggest that coaxial-slot antenna is a useful heating source for MR hyperthemia therapy.

MR-Guided Interventions I: Devices, Sequences & Applications