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Abstract #4430

MR Compatible Phased Array HIFU Transducer for Localized Prostate Cancer Treatment; in Vitro Validation

Lorena PETRUSCA1, Rares SALOMIR1, Emmanuel BLANC2, Lucie BRASSET2, Francois COTTON3, Jean-Yves CHAPELON1

1U556, Inserm, Lyon, France; 2EDAP-TMS, Lyon, France; 3RMN Unit, CHU Lyon Sud, Lyon, France

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) under MRI guidance represents a minimally invasive approach for localized prostate cancer treatment. In our in-vitro study, an MR-compatible multi-element endorectal HIFU device capable of focusing the beam at different depths in the tissue is being investigated. Fast MR thermometry was made in 2 orthogonal planes simultaneously for different sonication sequences chosen based on numerical simulations: elementary lesions, lines, slices and volumes. Temperature and thermal dose maps obtained showed that a homogenous lethal dose was induced in the desired shape. Dynamic focusing strategy permits to treat patients with more complex anatomy: smaller or larger prostate.