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Abstract #4482

Analytical Method for Correction of B1 Errors in High-Field Magnetization Transfer Ratio Mapping

Vasily L. Yarnykh1

1Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Magnetization Transfer Ratio (MTR) is known to strongly vary with B1. This circumstance restricts MTR applications in high magnetic fields. In this study, a simple analytical model of MTR dependence on B1 was derived. Based on this model, a correction algorithm employing a tissue-independent set of parameters was developed and tested for MTR mapping of the human brain at 3T. MTR correction was shown to be highly accurate across a wide range of B1 non-uniformities. Combination of this algorithm with fast B1 mapping enables whole-brain MTR mapping and histogram analysis on high-field scanners for a variety of neuroimaging applications.