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Abstract #4492

High Resolution Myelin Water Imaging in Rat Spinal Cord in Vivo with Actively Decoupled Implanted RF Coil

Piotr Kozlowski1, Jie Liu2, Jenny Ch Tso1, Nathan Wolfe1, Andrew C. Yung1

1UBC MRI Research Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2ICORD, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Myelin water imaging has been used to characterize rat spinal cord pathology. However, this technique requires very high SNR and homogeneity of the B1 field, making it challenging to apply this technique in rat spinal cord in vivo. We have designed and built an RF implanted coil, which is actively decoupled from a volume coil. Here we present preliminary results of high spatial resolution myelin water imaging using this system.