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Abstract #0056

T2* Evaluation of Iron Overload at 3T and Comparison with 1.5 T

Daniele De Marchi1, Antonella Meloni1, Alessia Pepe1, Vincenzo Positano1, Luca Menichetti1, Petra Keilberg1, Chiara Ardenghi1, Federico Vivarini1, Saveria Campisi2, Massimo Lombardi1

1MRI Lab, G. Monasterio Foundation and Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR, Pisa, Italy; 2A.O. Umberto I, Siracusa, Italy

The relationship between T2* values at 3T and 1.5T over the range of clinical interest of tissue iron concentrations was evaluated by GRE multiecho sequences on a dedicated phantom and on thalassemia patients. A strongly significant linear relationship between T2* values at 1.5T and at 3T was found for both liver and phantoms data. The slope was about 0.6, with a negligible intercept. The distribution of T2* values in heart did not allow to establish the relationship between T2* values at 1.5T and at 3T in heart.