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Abstract #0217

Coherent Excitation Scheme to Operate Pulsed NMR Probes for Real-Time Magnetic Field Monitoring

Pekka Sipil1,2, Gerhard Wachutka2, Florian Wiesinger1

1GE Global Research, Munich, Bavaria, Germany; 2Institute for Physics of Electrotechnology, Munich University of Technology, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Description of an apparatus for improving image quality during MRI-scan by measuring the magnetic fields with pulsed NMR probes. Closely interleaved excitation pulses, of which phase is in coherence with the precessing spins, offer high SNR also during short TR and high-resolution imaging. This offers more general functionality with respect to MR imaging parameters, and has not been achievable with previous magnetic field monitoring NMR probe designs. The applicability of the developed feedback based coherent excitation scheme to operate NMR probes for monitoring k-space trajectories is shown with a spiral acquisition scheme.