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Abstract #0228

Change in the DTI Parameters of the Articular Cartilage with Progressive Proteoglycan Depletion

Jos G. Raya1, Gerd Melkus2, Silvia Adam-Neumair3, Olaf Dietrich4, Maximilian F. Reiser, Peter Jakob2, Christian Glaser

1Josef Lissner Laboratory for Biomedial Imaging, , University of Munich, Munich, Germany; 2Deparment of experimental physics V, University of Wrzburg, Germany; 3Department of Clinical Radiology, University of Munich, Germany; 4Josef Lissner Laboratory for Biomedial Imaging, Department of Clinical Radiology, University of Munich, Germany

DTI has great potential for the early diagnosis of osteoarthritis since it is sensitive to the proteoglycan (PG) content and the integrity of the collagen network. In this work we investigate the effect of progressive PG depletion on the DTI parameters. DTI and T2 of human bone-on-cartilage samples as well as their PG content were measured before and after proteoglycan depletion. ADC showed a linear (r2=0.86, P<0.007) dependence with the PG loss. The diffusion anisotropy (FA and first eigenvector) remained unchanged. Measurements of the T2 relaxation time demonstrated that the collagen structure of the cartilage was unaffected by PG depletion.