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Abstract #0227

Ultrashort TE Enhanced T2* Mapping of Cartilage: a Pilot Clinical Study

Ashley Williams1, Yongxian Qian2, Constance R. Chu1

1Cartilage Restoration Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States; 2Magnetic Resonance Research Center, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

This work demonstrates the feasibility of in vivo 3-D UTE-T2* mapping of cartilage and examines the sensitivity of UTE-T2* to early cartilage degeneration compared to arthroscopic grading as the standard. UTE-T2* and standard T2 knee images were acquired on 10 subjects at 3T. Deep zone UTE-T2* values were significantly higher in softened cartilage compared to healthy (arthroscopic grade 1vs0, p<0.01). Superficial zone UTE-T2* showed a trend for higher values in softened tissue compared to healthy (p=0.17). Standard T2 values showed no differences between healthy and softened cartilage. UTE-T2* mapping captures signal from deep cartilage better than standard T2 .