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Abstract #0632

Wide Dynamic Range MR Elastography of Liver

Dieter Klatt1, Detlef Stiller2, Thomas Kaulisch2, Heiko Nieen2, Kerstin Riek1, Sebastian Papazoglou1, Thomas Elgeti1, Ingolf Sack1, Jrgen Braun3

1Institute of Radiology, Charit - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 2Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach, Germany; 3Institute of Medical Informatics, Charit - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany

MR elastography (MRE) enables the measurement of the complex shear modulus G* of biological tissue. Using MRE, the frequency dependency of G* has been examined in the past within a limited dynamic range due to inherent technical restrictions. In this study, G* of liver in a wide dynamic range of more than 4.5 octaves was measured by combining MRE at a 1.5T human scanner system with MRE at a 7T animal scanner. The results of both systems agreed excellently and revealed a power-law behavior of G* between 25Hz and 600Hz vibration frequency. The springpot-model was used for calculating viscoelastic parameters.