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Abstract #0709

Differential Effects of Chronic Fluoxetine Use in Young Vs. Adult Rats: A PhMRI Study

Anne Klomp1, Jordi L. Tremoleda2, Aart J. Nederveen1, Marzena Wylezinska2, Willy Gsell2, Liesbeth Reneman1

1Department of Radiology, Academical Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 2Biological Imaging Centre, Imaging Science Department, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

The effects of chronic fluoxetine treatment (the only SSRI registered for use in children) on the developing brain are not well studied. Here we investigate the effect of chronic fluoxetine exposure on the serotonergic system in adult and peri-adolescent rats using phMRI. Chronic treatment with fluoxetine elicits a reduction of overall brain activation in adult rats but not in young rats. Previous data from our group showed an increase of serotonin transporters after chronic treatment in peri-adolescent rats but not in adult rats, suggesting a compensation mechanism occurring in the developing brain which could explain our phMRI findings.