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Abstract #0756

An Extended Graphical Model for Analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI

Huijun Chen1, Feiyu Li1, Xihai Zhao1, Chun Yuan1, William S. Kerwin1

1Department of Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

Kinetic modeling of DCE-MRI permits the measurement of physiological parameters, such as Ktrans. The modified Kety/Tofts model may lead to fit failures when the data acquisition period is too short. The estimates of the Patlak model can be highly inaccurate due to the neglecting of contrast agent reflux. In this investigation, an extended graphical model is proposed. In the tests of simulation data and in vivo data of carotid artery, the proposed extended graphical model was shown to address the bias inherent in the Patlak model and produce more stable estimates than the modified Kety/Tofts model for short duration experiments.