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Abstract #0843

DTI of the Human Patellar Cartilage Ex Vivo at 1.5T: Comparisson with 17.6 T and Patterns of Disease

Jos G. Raya1, Lucianna Filidoro1, Andreas Kellerer2, Olaf Dietrich1, Elisabet Mtzel3, Maximilian F. Reiser2, Peter Jakob4, Christian Glaser2

1Josef Lissner Laboratory for Biomedial Imaging, Departmentof Radiology, University of Munich, Munich, Germany; 2Department of Clinical Radiology, University of Munich; 3Department of legal medicine, University of Munich, Germany; 4Departmentof experimental physics 5, University ofWuerzburg, Germany

DTI of the articular cartilage has been restricted to ultra-high fields (>7T) and small samples because of the short T2 and high resolution needed. The aim of this work was to demonstrate the value of DTI of the cartilage performed ex vivo on a 1.5T scanner and to characterize the patterns of pathology. Excised human patellar cartilage (n=25) has been examined at 1.5T. Additionally, six samples have been imaged at 17.6T. DTI parameters were very similar at both field strengths. Imaging the whole cartilage plate allowed identifying different patterns of pathology: focal lesions, alterations of the subchondral bone and osteophytes.