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Abstract #0845

The Macromolecular 1H NMR Lineshape in Cartilage

Gil Navon1, Uzi Eliav1

1School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

The analysis of the magnetization transfer contrast under incomplete saturation of the macromolecules (common in clinical setups) requires the knowledge of the macromolecular spectral lineshape. In previous studies this information was retrieved by fitting the MTC data to models where the lineshape characteristic was kept as a free parameter. In the current study we present a method that is a combination of double and zero quantum filtering for measuring the macromolecular lineshape. A demonstration of the method is given for the macromolecular fraction of articular cartilage. The lineshape is Gaussian with width at half height of 27.3 kHz.