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Abstract #0903

Electronic Reference for Absolute Quantification of Brain Metabolites by 1H-MRS on Clinical Whole Body Imager.

Hubert Desal1, Nashiely Pineda Alonso2, Serge Akoka2

1Neuroradiology, CHU de Nantes, Nantes, PdL, France; 2Chemistry, Universit de Nantes, CEISAM, UMR 6230, Nantes, PdL, France

The ERETIC method is a promising avenue of research for absolute concentration quantification by MRS. However, in its initial form, this technique cannot be implemented on most clinical MR scanners. We propose a new strategy, which consists in transmitting the ERETIC signal before the localized spectroscopy acquisition. This approach was evaluated on phantoms and on volunteers. The results were compared to those obtained using the water signal as reference. A very good correlation between the values obtained using the two methods was observed. Moreover, the ERETIC method overcomes many of the drawbacks of the other absolute quantification methods.