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Abstract #0904

Sampling Strategy Effects on in Vivo 2D J-Resolved Spectroscopy Quantification

Tangi Roussel1, Sophie Cavassila1, Hlne Ratiney1

1CREATIS, CNRS UMR 5220, Inserm U630, INSA-Lyon, Universit de Lyon 1, Universit de Lyon, Villeurbanne, France

Till now, in vivo two-dimensional spectroscopy related studies did not investigate sampling strategies of the indirect dimension as a way of improving the quantification of metabolite concentrations. This paper presents a study carried out on simulated J-PRESS data containing macromolecular contamination. 2D J-Resolved spectroscopy quantification accuracy was evaluated for several sampling strategies and compared to 1D MRS quantification accuracy. In vivo 2D quantification following these strategies is shown. By handling macromolecular contribution by truncation strategy, a 2D MRS experiment leads to a more accurate quantification compared to 1D MRS time equivalent experiment, as demonstrated by a reduction of bias and standard deviation.