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Abstract #0915

Non-Invasive Measurement of Fibrin Concentration by Fast Field-Cycling NMR Technique

Lionel Marc Broche1, Saadiya Rashid Ismail1, Nuala A. Booth2, David J. Lurie1

1Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom; 2Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

In this work we examine the feasibility of measuring the content of fibrin clots, which is the protein network that stabilises a thrombus, using fast field-cycling NMR. Fibrin, like proteins in general, is rich in 14N and its mobility is reduced due to the web-like structure of a clot. These two conditions are the cause of the apparition of a specific signal in the 1H dispersion plot, called the quadrupole signal, which can be used to measure the fibrin content.