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Abstract #0939

Single Voxel 1H Spectroscopy in the Human Hippocampus at 3 T Using LASER: A Reproducibility Study.

Najib Allali1,2, Malgorzata Marjanska3, Edward J. Auerbach3, Eric Bardinet1, Philippe Fossati4, Romain Valabrgue1, Stphane Lehricy1

1CRICM (CENIR), UPMC/INSERM UMRS 975/ CNRS UMR 7225, Hpital Piti-Salptrire, Paris, France; 2Centre Emotion CNRS USR 3246, Paris, France; 3Center for Magnetic Resonance Research and Department of Radiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States; 4Centre Emotion CNRS USR 3246, Hpital Piti-Salptrire, 47 bd de l'Hpital 75013 Paris, France

Scan to scan reproducibility is challenging, especially in the deep brain regions such as hippocampus where lower SNR and poor magnetic field homogeneity can lead to larger uncertainties in metabolite quantification. Few studies have investigated 1H-MRS reproducibility in the hippocampus either at low magnetic field strength or with few subjects. Relatively large VOI were used in most of these studies, resulting in partial volume effects. In this study, we investigated the reproducibility of spectroscopic measurements in the hippocampus at 3 tesla using a LASER sequence . We performed our measurements in a 2.4 mL volume to minimize partial volume effects.