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Abstract #0945

Open Coil Arrangement for Interventional Magnetic Particle Imaging

Timo Frederik Sattel1, Tobias Knopp1, Sven Biederer1, Thorsten M. Buzug1

1Institute of Medical Engineering, University, Luebeck, Germany

Magnetic particle imaging is a method capable of determining the spatial distribution of super-paramagnetic iron oxide particles. To obtain information about the particle distribution, a field-free point is steered on a trajectory through the field-of-view. For magnetic field generation and particle signal reception, electromagnetic coils are used. In their original paper, Gleich and Weizenecker proposed a tube-like scanner setup. In this contribution, a new coil geometry is introduced. It provides lateral access to the specimen and thus allows for interventional MPI. To prove feasibility, 2D FFP trajectories are simulated, which give promising results.