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Abstract #1002

Sodium MRI Multi-Echo Sequence for Simultaneous Ultra-Short Echo Imaging and T2L* Mapping at 7T with a 12 Channel Phased-Array Coil

David Thomas Pilkinton1, Mark A. Elliott1, Jeremy Magland2, Ravinder Reddy1

1Center for Magnetic Resonance and Optical Imaging, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States; 2Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

To maximize signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and minimize relaxation weighting, ultra-short echo (UTE) readouts have been generally been favored for sodium MRI. UTE methods have also been used to measure total sodium concentration (TSC) in tissues, although this typically requires accurate mapping of the B1 field which is typically noisy and error prone. A more reliable quantitative parameter for sodium MRI is the measurement of the long component of the transverse relaxation time, T2L*. In this study, we have implemented a robust sodium imaging sequence for simultaneous UTE imaging and T2L* measurements.