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Abstract #1050

Intensity Speckle MR Elastography

Sebastian Papazoglou1, Sebastian Hirsch1, Dieter Klatt1, Kaspar Josche Streitberger1, Kerstin Riek1, Thomas Elgeti1, Jrgen Braun2, Ingolf Sack1

1Institute of Radiology, Charit - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 2Institute of Medical Informatics, Charit - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany

In this study we present a statistical analysis of shear wave intensity speckles in magnetic resonance elastography (MRE). The employed statistical model provides a single fit parameter that is related to characteristic structure-related length scales. Hence, the intensity speckle distribution offers the possibility to investigate the elastic heterogeneity of the brain without solving the ill-posed inverse problem associated with shear wave propagation. Results of speckle intensity MRE experiments on gel phantoms and the brain of a healthy subject demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed statistical analysis.