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Abstract #1056

Detecting Breast Phantom Lesions with Acoustic Radiation Force in MR Images: Experiment and Finite-Element Simulations

Jessica Mende1, Marcus Radicke1, Anna-Lisa Kofahl1, Judith Schindler1, Deniz Ulucay1, Jrgen Finsterbusch2, Bernd Weber3, Karl Maier1

1HISKP, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany; 2University Medical Center, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; 3NeuroCognition, Life & Brain, Bonn, Germany

Acoustic radiation contrast in magnetic resonance phase images is a recently developed method to image and quantify non-invasively the viscoelastic properties of tissue. A displacement sensitive MRI spin-echo sequence was used to image the displacement caused by the acoustic radiation force of ultrasound with a frequency of 2.5 MHz, a pulse length of 20 ms and an intensity of 35 W/cm2. To show the feasibility of this method, results of the detection of lesions in a breast elastography phantom are presented. Finite-element simulations show good agreement with the experimental data.