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Abstract #1214

In Vivo MR Measurement of Arterial Pulse Pressure in the Murine Aorta

Volker Herold1, Marco Parczyk1, Wolfgang Rudolf Bauer2, Eberhard Rommel1, Peter Michael Jakob1

1Department of Physics EP5, University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Bayern, Germany; 2Medizinische Universittsklinik, University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Bayern, Germany

Mouse models are increasingly used to investigate functional and cardiovascular parameters. In this work we present an approach to noninvasively estimate the arterial pulse pressure by measuring the time dependant blood flow pulse and the local pulse wave velocity. By determining the complex impedance with solutions from the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluids, the pressure pulse could be calculated from the accordant flow pulse. The present results are in good agreement with results from the literature obtained by invasive methods.