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Abstract #1215

Problems for Motion Correction: Paradigm Correlated Motion Remains a Confounding Source for FMRI Artefacts.

Lubos Budinsky1, Benito de Celis Alonso2, Marina Sergejeva1, Andreas Hess2

1Institute of Pharmacology, FAU, Erlangen, Germany; 2Institute of Pharmacology, FAU, Erlangen, Germany

The undesired motion, which is correlated with the fMRI paradigm (often present in experiments which are using mechanical stimulation or painful stimulus) can create false areas of an activity, which could remain real BOLD activity areas and a signal time course. Here we present series of fMRI experiment with phantoms and dead animals to which the motion was induced by using an air driven device integrated into the animal cradle. Using results from these experiments we suggest strategy, how to deal with this problem even if conventional motion correction algorithm are not able to remove these false areas completely.