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Abstract #1275

Femoral Artery Vessel Wall Imaging Using Contrast-Enhanced, Susceptibility Weighted Imaging

Qi Liu1, Zhaoyang Fan1, Qi Yang2, E Mark Haacke3, Debiao Li1

1Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, United States; 2Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing, China; 3Department of Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, United States

By using a gradient-echo sequence with a relatively long echo time with flow compensation, together with proper post processing to preserve tissue susceptibility property while removing unwanted phase aliasing, arterial wall delineation was achieved in SWI phase images. To further enhance the lumen-wall contrast in phase images, we hypothesized that by injecting contrast agent which is known to alter blood susceptibility, more pronounced lumen-wall contrast could be obtained. Our contrast-enhanced SWI study on volunteers has confirmed the above hypothesis and observed substantial increase in lumen-wall phase contrast.