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Abstract #1301

NMR Molecular Profiling of Human Blood Plasma in Induced Myocardial Ischemia

Jose Manuel Morales1, Fabian Chaustre2, David Moratal3, Vicent Bodi4, Daniel Monleon2

1Universitat de Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 2Fundacion Investigacion Hospital Clinico Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 3Center for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Universitat Politecnica Valencia, Valencia, Spain; 4Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

The protocols of management of patients entering emergency rooms because thoracic pain of potential ischemic origin without necrosis include serial measurement s of biomarkers, stress tests and, in many cases, unnecessary hospitalization. In this context, detection of metabolic markers, which represent dynamic changes in just a few minutes after ischemia, is an attractive option both for diagnosis precision and for rapid and efficient management. In this communication, we used NMR metabolic profiling to characterize metabolically blood plasma of patients pre and post angioplasty. Statistical multivariate analysis showed differences in signals belonging mainly to ketonic bodies and fatty acids.