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Abstract #1415

Flow Sensitivity Analysis of Variable Refocusing Angle 3D FSE

Wayne R. Dannels1, Xiangxian Shou2, Robert Anderson1, Mitsue Miyazaki3

1Toshiba Medical Research Institute, Mayfield Village, OH, United States; 2Department of Physics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; 3Toshiba Medical Research Institute, Chicago, IL, United States

FSE sequences can be adapted either to maintain brightness or to suppress the signal of moving blood. Subtraction methods with FSE can generate angiographic images without injection of contrast agents. 3D FSE variants with variable refocusing angle (VRA) of the echo train are naturally suitable for high scanning efficiency and SAR reduction. Flow sensitivity dependienceis on sequence parameters are analyzed for 3D VRA FSE angiography applications. In vivo testing shows that flow sensitivity can be maintained while SAR is reduced.