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Abstract #1555

Linking the Individual EEG Alpha Frequency to the Brains Fibers

Andrea Federspiel1, Thomas Koenig1, Thomas Dierks1, Kay Jann1

1Psychiatric Neurophysiology, University Hospital of Psychiatry, Bern 60, Switzerland

The Individual EEG alpha frequency (IAF) correlates with subjects performance in cognitive tasks. However, the functional networks and structural substrate underlying the inter-individual differences in IAF are largely unknown. Here we investigated on structural correlates in terms of white matter fiber trakts that are related to the subjects IAFs. We observed dedicated structure-function correlates in the cingulum involved in the DMN and in the arcuate fascicle associated with the left-WMN. Subjects with higher IAF tend to be faster and perform better in various cognitive tasks. Therefore, our observations suggest that structural connectivity among task relevant areas affects processing capacity.