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Abstract #1646

DTI in the Clinic: Evaluating the Effects of Smoothing

Marta Moraschi1, Gisela E. Hagberg2, Giovanni Giulietti1, Margherita Di Paola2, Gianfranco Spalletta2, Bruno Maraviglia3, Federico Giove3

1MARBILAb, Enrico Fermi Center, Rome, Italy; 2Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy; 3Department of Physics, 'Sapienza' University of Rome, Rome, Italy

We evaluated the effects of smoothing on the outcomes of a Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) voxel-based analyses trying to separate differential effects between patients and controls. Gaussian smoothing introduced a high variability of results in clinical analysis, greatly dependent on the kernel size. On the contrary, anisotropic smoothing proved itself capable of maintaining boundary structures, with only moderate dependence of results on smoothing parameters. Our study suggests that anisotropic smoothing is more suitable in voxel based DTI studies; however, regardless of technique, a moderate level of smoothing seems to be preferable considering the artifacts introduced by this manipulation.