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Abstract #1657

Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Basal Ganglia Output Fibers

Mihaela Onu1, Uta Nicola Sboto-Frankenstein2, Patricia Gervai2, Greg Molnar3, Boguslaw Tomanek2

1Biophysics, University of Medicine "Carol Davila", Bucharest, Romania; 2National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics; 3Medtronic Inc.

The current study was designed to investigate if it is feasible to use MRI Diffusion Tensor Imaging to visualize basal ganglia output fibers, in particular the Ansa Lenticularis (AL) and Lenticular Fasciculus (LF). Using the Globus Pallidus Internus (GPi) as a seed point, two fiber branches were identified. One originated in the dorsal aspect of the GPi and the second in the ventral aspect of the GPi. These two tracts may be indicative for the localization of the LF and AL respectively.