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Abstract #1715

Correction for the T2 Effect of Contrast Agent on Absolute CBV Quantification Using VASO

Fu-Nien Wang1, Chien-Chung Chen1, Yi-Chun Wu1, Chou-Ming Cheng2, Tzu-Chen Yeh2

1Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Taiwan; 2Medical Research and Education, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan

Absolute cerebral blood volume (aCBV) can be assessed by utilizing the signal difference of vascular space occupancy (VASO) sequence before and after injection of T1 shortening contrast agent. We propose an alternative method to reduce the T2 effect when using relative long TE. Pre and post T1 fitting were used to reconstruct IR images without the post contrast T2 shortening effect. Experiments on rat model were conducted to investigate the feasibilities.