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Abstract #1772

Improving the Stability of T2 Measurements in ASL Experiments

Johanna Kramme1,2, Johannes Gregori1,2, Matthias Gnther2,3

1Division of Neurology, University Hospital Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Germany; 2Fraunhofer MEVIS-Institute for Medical Image Computing, Bremen, Germany; 3Faculty for Physics and Electrical Engineering, University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

To increase sensitivity and reduce physiological noise in ASL T2 measurements a single shot 3D-GRASE approach was developed. Compared to sequential acquisition of the different echo times significant reduction in scan time and physiological noise can be achieved. To improve T2 calculations the inflow time TI of each data set has to be corrected for each echo time. Based on the TE correction of TI the reliability of the T2 estimate could be improved by a factor of two and more. With these improvements ASL T2 measurements become feasible in a clinical stetting.