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Abstract #1804

Simultaneous Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging and PRFS Thermal Monitoring at 3T for MRgHIFU Focusing

M Viallon1, JN Hyacinthe1, T Goget1, L Baboi1, P Gross2, CD Becker1, R Salomir1

1Radiologie, Hopital Universitaire de Genve, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany

One challenge in MRgHIFU is to provide safe and thermally neutral focusing of HIFU beam pattern using acoustic radiation force imaging (ARFI). The radiation force is localized and highly directional (along the main propagation axis of the HIFU beam) while negligible outside the focal zone. This force initiates a tissue displacement correlated to the amplitude of the acoustic field and thus a phase shift that can be encoded in the MR signal using a motion encoding gradient (MEG) [1]. In addition, ARFI also provide stiffness weighted images that may allow one to assess for pre- versus post- therapy changes in tissue. Since HIFU also causes tissue heating, temperature elevation and RFI effects are always associated, at various degree. We propose here to obtain a precise localization of the HIFU focal point by subtracting GRE phase images from two independent acquisitions, where ARF-induced phase shift is sequentially encoded with positive and, respectively, negative monopolar MEG pulse. For illustration, the MEG was implemented here along the slice-select direction.