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Abstract #1803

Preventing Far-Field Bone-Reflection of HIFU Beam by Selective Elements De-Activation Is a Sub-Optimal Approach

Loredana Baboi1, Magalie Viallon1, Sylvain Terraz1, Thomas Goget1, Denis Morel2, Christoph Becker1, Rares Salomir1

1Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland; 2Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Surgical Intensive Care, University Hospital of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

MRgHIFU is a hybrid technology which aims to offer efficient and safe thermal ablation of targeted tumors or other pathological tissues, while preserving the normal surrounding structures unaltered. Theoretically MRgHIFU has no limitation on lesion size [1]. The main challenge is to avoid near and far field heating [2]. We demonstrate here that beam reflection on bones is a major problem whenever bone is situated in the proximity of the prescribed region for sonication, even laterally from the main beam axis. This study evaluates selective de-activation of phased-array transducers elements as a potential strategy to reduce bone reflection.