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Abstract #1824

PRFS-Based MR Thermometry Is Hampered by Susceptibility Changes Caused by the Heating of Fat: Experimental Demonstration

Sara Maria Sprinkhuizen1, Chris J. Bakker1, Lambertus Wilhelmus Bartels1

1Radiology, Image Sciences Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands

Susceptibility (χ) related field changes are commonly ignored in the application of proton resonance frequency shift (PRFS)-based MR thermometry (MRT) during thermal interventions, even though the temperature dependence of the χ of fat is in the same order of magnitude as the temperature dependence of the chemical shift of water. Its influence on PRFS-based MRT maps was investigated experimentally. The results showed that changes in χ fat hamper the PRFS-based MRT method nonlocally. The measured errors were ranging between -4.6 C and +4.1 C. Important to stress is the fact that fat suppression is not a solution for this effect.