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Abstract #1823

Measurement of the Temperature Dependence of the Susceptibility of Human Breast Fat Tissue

Sara Maria Sprinkhuizen1, Chris J. Bakker1, Johannes H. Ippel2, Rolf Boelens2, Lambertus Wilhelmus Bartels1

1Radiology, Image Sciences Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, NMR Spectroscopy Research Group, Utrecht, Netherlands

In fat tissue, large susceptibility-related PRFS-based temperature errors can be expected, due to temporal changes in tissue susceptibility (χ) which lead to non-local magnetic field changes. This affects the PRF (hence, the measured temperature) of all water protons that experience this magnetic field change, leading to temperature errors. In order to conclusively assess the impact of temperature-induced χ changes on PRFS-based MRT, accurate and precise susceptibility measurements in human tissue are a prerequisite. We therefore measured dχ/dT of fat tissue of the human breast on a 14 T NMR spectrometer. A dependence of 0.0051 ppm/C was found.